Resident Psychic Life Coach

          For The Soho House Group



   Events include:




 Birley Clubs (Law Of Attraction Talk)



 Soho Warehouse LA






 Soho Works, Shoreditch



 Victoria's Secret



 The Collective









 Refinery29 Panel Talk



 Astley Clarkes designer Jewellery



Business Talk Radio Interview






Uk's number one spiritual magazine "Spirit

and Destiny".Linda was an expert for a while answering questions on Life, Love and career.


Her Clients include:


Celebrities and Professionals of the Fashion and Media World.


Linda has 25 years experience in the Psychic Industry.


She has also worked in the Corporate Financial world for many years, Where her managing people skills proved to be very successful. 


Linda is fully aware of the pressures that people and members of staff encounter when overworked and  how it effects their  overall work performance .


Time and Stress management is key.


Linda's Psychic skills used in the work place meant she would know  where to put the right person in the right position for them.That gave her staff a time to shine, giving them confidence to succeed and boost the moral of the work place.


" No square peg, in a round hole syndrome".


Linda also worked for the famous astrologer Russell Grant for a number of years as one of his Elite Psychics.


Linda was  featured  "Angel Psychic" of the month in the Magazine "Soul and Spirit"  proved to be a great success.


Linda's main objective is to empower both men and women by providing tools and techniques in her sessions.

Also by guiding, supporting and coaching the client to create the life they deserve.


Linda believes its never to late to have a wonderful happy, fulfilled life.


                  Start yours today!


" Change your thinking change your life".


An interview with BusinessTalk Radio  Link below


 An interview with Make Magazine: Link below










           Law Of Attraction Talk


        Held at 76, Dean Street, Soho House








 Hosting the event we have the amazing Celebrity       Producer Jessica Bendien from Bang Talent


 In conversation with Linda the resident Psychic Life         Coach.


 What a huge success the evening turned out to               be! 

The event was fully booked, with exciting and           amazing feedback from the members. looking                 forward to doing more of these talks in the houses       with the lovely Jessica who was amazing!!        




                       Victoria Secret Event


                Event Held at the New Bond St 





    Guest appearance of the beautiful " Romee" one of                           Victoria's Secret "Angels"



            Stunning Event , very Glamorous!!.



 Angel Cards are used in her Psychic reading sessions.

 I spoke to Linda on a Monday evening when I was in the midst of rehearsing for a play based around the moon. The first card that was revealed during the session was 'Goddess of the Moon'. I thought this must be a coincidence, but the rest of the reading continued in the same highly accurate manner and it left me genuinely speechless because of how relevant and empowering it was! Among too many truths to list, Linda informed me that an exciting job contract was imminent and would be sent across within the next 3 weeks by my agent. Within 2 days of seeing Linda and taking in her advice, I'd received not one but 2 fantastic job offers and contracts through!! I was ecstatic! "

 Linda is warm, genuine and an absolute joy to talk to.  I feel as though she has sprinkled me with a dusting of self belief, confidence, positive energy and her own version of modern magic, and I cannot thank nor recommend her enough xxxxx
Lauren Cornelius | Actress