Law Of Attraction Story


                                              Winter Sparkle 


One Sunday afternoon my partner and I went for a walk in the city. 

It was very chilly and my thoughts were drawn to winter snow and freezing days. 

We came across a shopping centre in the city and decided to have a hot drink and a little look around, not many people shopping I thought. I needed to go to the toilet and told my partner that I would meet him outside. 

Walking towards the Toilet I had a conversation with myself about Ugg boots? 

I thought that they would be perfect as I believed we would have snow in the coming month of January. 

Ugg boots can be quite frumpy in design so I asked the universe for a sparkly or more glamourous Ugg if possible. Opening the door of the cubicle I noticed a pair of black Ugg boots, shocked by what I saw   I remember looking up as if to say are you joking me.   Two minutes earlier I was having a conversation in my head about UGGS!!  

They did have a slight, opening in the front, this was why someone had left them there so they could be mended. It would have been a shame to just throw them away. 


I tried them on and they were my size. 

 They   had crystals on the front and back in a scull design.  Alexander Mc Queen has the same design logo. 

Very glamorous indeed! 

That morning for no reason at all I put a large carrier bag into my handbag and so I placed these lovely boots inside. 

Outside my partner was waiting patiently, I said” You won’t believe what I have found”. 

He replied, “ Oh,yes I will as its you....” 

I showed him the boots and told him the conversation I had before I went to the toilet and then the Uggs showed up. 

They kept me warm in December and we did have snow in January. 

It just goes to show that when your intention is clear of what you want, the law of attraction is working every time.