Essential  Oils and Crystals


Linda  recommends essential oils and crystals as part of the healing sessions that she  conducts, for removing negative thinking, sleeping patterns and protection from negative situations and people.


Wearing crystals can change the energy in any given situation, for example wearing rose quartz will fill you up with love, so you can attract love into your life. Moon stone is very good for all female problems from menstrual pain to fertility. It sooths and clears the way for motherhood and also for pain relief.


Tormaline is a powerful stone for protection towards negative people and situations.

Clear Quartz used in all meditations and is calming and relaxing.


Lavender essential oil is good for sleeping difficulties. Try putting a few drops on your pillow before your go to sleep, also it's very good for headaches. By rubbing a drop on your forehead within minutes your headache will have subsided.


Rosemary essential oil is used for indigestion and bad breath. It breaks down the bacteria in the mouth, leaving you with a fresher breath.


Frankincense is great for stimulating the brain especially after a brain injury or a blackout.

Lemongrass oil rubed on wrists will give you an energy burst if feeling sleepy at the office!


If you would like more information on any of these products, please feel free to contact Linda with your questions regarding how to use crystals, oils and advice on which crystals and oils, heals and protects.