I have been speaking to  Linda for a number of years and she has been spot on each time on her readings.

She has an amazing psychic ability and I love her down-to-earth style.

The readings are followed up with practical steps and information, I particularly welcomed the coaching approach. Linda understands the pressures in the corporate world and that personally enriched my readings with her.

Thank you Linda and may you continue to transform 

many more lives!!!


City professional working in a law firm


I would like to say that Linda is a fantastic psychic reader, she makes me feel relaxed and safe.Her skills, knowledge and intuition feels very advanced.Wondeful experience!

Vineet  - Entrepreneur
"Linda is special because she uses her psychic abilities and translates that into practical actions and approaches for her clients. For me, the reading was totally on point - Linda didn’t ask for any detail from me and picked upon the reasons for my reaching out to her. It is rare to find a psychic coach and I for one am delighted that I did.”



Z. W- solicitor


Linda is a beautiful person thats given me hope. I have been to see her twice and she has provided accurate psychic information on both accounts.The guidance she provides me with is always taken on board. Such a positive reading and reader.


Susan- Public Relations


Linda's reading was 100% accurate I could not believe it, she told me things about myself , no one knew!!!

It was my first reading and I will be back for an update. 


Paul- Hairdresser


I was at a time in my life where I felt I really needed to make positive decisions and changes. 

With Linda's help I was able to find myself ,and  realize who I am and who I am meant to be. Linda's style is very practical.  She helped me to work on myself as a person through various excercises giving me insight that was invaluable and inspired me to make the necessary changes. Linda's readings are fantastic, very accurate, but that ability combined with her life coaching is second to none. After two years I am still working with Linda and have no doubt that I will remain working with her for years to come.


Dee K

Marketing and Communications


I love the combined psychic and life coach readings you get the best of two worlds which has changed my life for the better Linda has a special rapport with people that makes her unique as a reader. I owe so much to this lovely lady, thank you.


Mary- Creative Director


Amazing session with Linda she has a gift that is remarkable, I loved it!


Mark- Manager


I just want to say how utterly amazing Linda is !!

I had a reading with her in August and pretty much all she said has come to pass!It shocked me how accurate she is.Theres a couple of things left I want to happen but I am confident going by the basis of the reading that will arrive also. Thank you so much!!!


Sandra- Dr


I needed to change my job, did not know what path to take. Linda revealed to me a creative path that I had never believed possible to make money, it was interior design which I love and did for friends only.

She planted the seed and I am now running my own business, thanks to Linda .

Kathy - Interior Designer


I spoke to Linda on Monday evening when I was in the middle of rehearsing of a play based about the moon. The first card that was revealed during the session was the "Goddess of the Moon". I thought this must be a coincidence but the rest of the reading continued in the same highly accurate manner and it left me guenuinely speechless because of how relevant and empowering it was! Among too many truths to list, Linda informed me that an exciting job contract was imminent and would be sent across within the next three weeks by my agent. Within two days of seeing Linda and taking her advice, I received not one but two exciting job offers with contracts through. I was ecstatic!! 

Linda is warm, genuine and an absolute joy to talk to. I feel as though she has sprinkled me with a dusting of self belief, confidence, positive energy and her own version of modern magic, and I cannot thank her nor recommend her enough.



Lauren Cornelius - Actress.