Heal a broken heart technique

Healing a broken heart is a very slow process. There are many ways to do this. Time is one and talking it through with friends and family is another but learning to let go through a healing or psychic life coach consultation can be the best starting point on that journey.


Over the years, I have tried using some other self-help techniques which help speed up the recovery.


Now, lets begin....Set aside ten to fifteen minutes each day just for you. Make sure there are no electronic appliances in the room or space that you choose for this process. 


You will need a white and pink candle also a Rose quartz crystal at hand.

Light your candles and lie down comfortably on your bed. Take your crystal and massage in the area of the heart, this can be done directly onto the skin or through the clothing, while saying the affirmation: "I heal my broken heart so I can be open to receiving love in my life again, thank you." Repeat this five times.


Ten to fifteen minutes every day for two weeks is not a lot of time ,to connect with one self. Keep a journal on the changes that you notice. 

This is a powerful technique and done correctly, will show positive results in your love life sooner rather than later.


Walk in love.